How do I play Zula Mobile?

When you log in to the game, you should touch the map image at the bottom right and select one of the maps you encounter. After your download is over, you should select the map and game mode and tap the Save button. You can then experience the Zula Mobile adventure by tapping the Start button.

What modes are there? Is there a Sabotage Mode?

We have Team Deathmatch, Sabotage, Free For All, Wanted modes. Auto-Fire versions of the Mods are also offered to our users. We will continue our improvements with your suggestions and requests.

How do I choose map?

When you log in to Zula Mobile, you can see our current maps by entering the map section in the bottom right corner. We have The Old Town, Cargo Ship, Pool Party, Night Club and Nemrut maps. We will continue our improvements with your suggestions and requests.

Is there an in-game chat area?

You can chat with both your friends and everyone by entering the chat section on the top tab of the Main Menu. In the future, the voice chat system will be added to the game.

What are Seasonal Missions?

Seasonal Missions are renewed every season. You can earn stars based on your success throughout the season and increase your Pass rank. Seasonal missions progress for all players, but only players who purchased Zula Pass can receive the stars of tier 3 missions. Each mission has 3 different difficulty stages. To move on to the next stage, you must finish the previous stage.

Where can I find my profile and statistics information?

You can open the profile screen by touching your nickname in the upper left of the gamescreen. You can see the General Information and Statistics on the pop-up window.

How do I get the characters?

You can have character cards by opening the character crates in the market. When you win as many cards as indicated under the cards, you can permanently activate and use them. There are different character-specific features. It is categorized as common, uncommon, rare, legendary and epic. You can gain different features by upgrading your characters with the cards you have accumulated.

How can I add features to my characters?

By upgrading your characters, you can gain and increase the following features. Features and quantities may differ for each level and character. Recoil Reducer Fast Fire Fast Resurrection Destruction Kit Invulnerability Duration Extra Magazine Quick Gun Change Fast Reload Bomb Building Kit

Does character upgrade ever fail?

If you collect the desired amount of cards in the upgrade process, you can upgrade with a 100% chance of success. There is no possibility of failure.

Will my weapons be permanent? Or are they temporary?

You can have weapon cards by opening weapon crates in the market. You can activate and use weapons permanently when you win as many cards as indicated under the cards. It has been categorized as common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and epic. You can gain different features by upgrading your weapons with the cards you have accumulated.

How can I add features to my weapons?

By upgrading your weapons, you can gain and increase the following features. Features and quantities differ for each level and weapon. Damage Spread Recoil Shooting Speed Magazine Capacity Movement Speed Reload Time Effective Range

Is there only one card in the crates?

The number of cards you get changes according to the rarity of the crates. You can see the amount of cards in the crate on the cash purchase screen. There are 5 cards in attachment crates. The amount of cards varies according to the rarity of other crates.

Is it possible to compare weapon features?

You can enter the Compare section by clicking on the cards in the Weapons section under Equipment. You can see the comparison and features with the weapon you are currently using on the screen. You can also view the information of the weapon features and customize it with patterns and plugins.

Is it possible to return/exchange the weapon/attachment/character cards?

You can return/exchange and win a new card by choosing five of the weapon, attachment and character cards.

How can I get attachment and pattern cards?

You can get the customization cards by opening the Attachment crates available in the market.

Can I change my in-game set?

In the Main Menu, five individual sets can be created. You can change the active set in the lobby before the game and inside the game after you die.

Can I design more than one style?

You can design and use three styles in the Weapon Customization screen.

Is there an XP/League/Season ranking? Where can I find it?

You may find the XP/League/Season ranking by touching the ranking button on the Main Menu sub-tab.

What are War Crates? How do I earn them?

They are special crates that you can get as you win the match. You can see the War Crates button under your character in the Main Menu and enter. In this section, you can find the crates you have earned as gifts. When you want to open the crate there is a certain time limit. When the time expires, you can open the crate and own the cards. If you wish, you can open the crates early with ZP or ZMA.

Can I earn crates in the game?

You can earn rewards based on playing time. The award will be determined randomly and you will be able to get it with the button under the character in the main menu.

What is Zula Pass?

In the Pass system as you play and complete missions, you can rank up and earn rewards for every new rank. For each season, you can have items specially produced for that season. All our users can benefit from Free Pass rewards. Pass must be purchased for other rewards. Advances are made automatically in the Free and Zula Pass reward pool. Only pass holders can win prizes in the Pass prize pool. Don't worry if you haven't bought a Zula Pass to a certain rank. You can get all paid rewards up to the rank you were at when you bought Zula Pass.

What is Zula Pass Contract? How do I take it?

The contract is an agreement where you can complete tasks and earn rewards within the specified time. You can activate contracts using ZMA and ZMP. Remember, the duration begins after the contracts are activated. If you cannot complete the task in time, the contract will be reset. Contracts are renewed periodically.

How can I add my friends?

Enter the Friends menu on the top tab of the Main Menu. In the pop-up window, you can find your friends list, your invitations and the Add Friends section. By entering the Add Friends section, you can link your membership with your Facebook account, invite and/or add friends. Adding friends can be done in three different ways. The first method is to add with QR code. You can scan your friend's QR code with your phone's camera and send an invitation. The second method is adding with Player ID information or Player Name you can find in the profile screen. The third method is to link your membership with your Facebook account and the game will add you Facebook friends who play Zula Mobile automatically.

Can accounts in Zula PC be transferred to Zula Mobile?

Since Zula PC and Zula Mobile platforms are separate, it is not possible to transfer accounts.

Can I login to the game with Zula PC memberships?

Memberships in Zula PC cannot be logged in via Zula Mobile.

What is the Lokum Account Benefit?

You can connect your Zula Mobile membership with your Zula PC Lokum membership, and complete the Lokum Benefit tasks and become the owner of the rewards.

How do I link my Zula Mobile and Lokum Accounts?

To link the Lokum account, you can follow the Settings, Account, Lokum Account and Link steps in Zula Mobile respectively. If you do not have a Lokum account, you can create a new membership on the Link Lokum Account screen.

Will the awards we have earned before the Lokum Account link be provided to my account?

In case you link a Lokum account, all prizes you have previously earned will be provided to your account.

How do I download Zula Mobile?

Our Zula Mobile game can be played on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Click to download for free on Google Play to play on Android.

Click to download for free on the App Store to play on iOS.

How do I customize the in-game gameplay and control settings?

Control and gameplay settings are set as default. You can change the control settings by entering the Controls tab in the Settings section at the top left and design them according to your own wishes. You can also change Key Positions in the Features section at the top right of this Main Menu. By customizing controls and gameplay, you can make matches more fun and efficient.

How do I change the language of the game?

You may change the language of the game from the General tab in Settings. Don't forget to tap the Save button after selecting a language.

How do I change Graphics settings?

You can customize all chart settings by entering the Graphics tab in the Settings section. Don't forget to tap the Save button on the bottom right after the change.